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Your Bridal Beauty Checklist

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Your Beauty Plan should be something you start at least 6 months before your big day! It's an important aspect and it takes some preparation to make all your beauty dreams a reality. Skin and hair care starts wayyyyy before your wedding day, enter your Bridal Beauty Routine! Reserving your hair and make up for the day of is half the battle (but we make it SUPER easy) and the other half is making sure you're properly prepped to get the look you are wanting and are paying for.

We know you have a lot going on so we have created the perfect Bridal Beauty Checklist to include everything you need to do AND when to get you ready for your perfect day.

6 months prior to your big day is the time to try out any new hair colors or styles that have been catching your eye so that you will have time to adjust them prior to your wedding day. Be careful with any extra blonding (our Service Providers can give you the best advice on using lightener on your hair) and use hair masks 1x a week.

Develop a regular skin care maintenance schedule, including regular monthly visits to one of our Estheticians.

Make sure to cleanse, tone (SO IMPORTANT), and moisturize day and night!

Is your dress backless? We've got just the thing - a back facial! If it sounds unnecessary, let me speak from personal experience, my back has NEVER looked better. And not only is it completely necessary, they are SUPER relaxing. Every Bride knows how stressful wedding planning can be!

Then, fill out our Bridal Contract so you can get your time reserved. We fill up quickly on Saturdays, especially during Wedding season! Our Bridal Consultant will work one-on-one with you to make sure your wedding beauty goes smoothly.

About 2-3 months before, start your body waxing regimen with one of our Estheticians and try a professional spray tan or DIY at home! Our salon does not offer spray tans, but we can help you prep your skin. You'll need to figure out what tanning method works best for you so you know what to expect. Body Exfoliation/Waxing go hand-in-hand to have a smooth and seamless tan! Try our Bora Bora Body Exfoliation to prepare every inch of your skin before tanning.

6 weeks before, secure your reservations with a 50% deposit to the salon. We find it's easier on the bride to have your bridal party pay you and then you pay the deposit to the salon at one time! Venmo is a bride's best friend! On your wedding day, everyone will pay their remaining balance at check-out so there is nothing to worry about.

About 2 weeks prior, we will send out confirmations to everyone in your bridal party letting them know their reservation time. We recommend you eat all the fruits and vegetables and nix the fat and salt. Not only is it super healthy, but you be feeling your best! Increase your water intake too.

Make sure to get a trim and freshen up your color with your favorite Service Provider (reserve this in advance). This is a great time to also do a trial run on your hair and makeup. A lot of brides do their last dress fitting on the same day as their trial run. Hot Tip: Take a picture in case you have any minor changes for the day of the wedding. A picture is worth a thousand words for your Service Provider(s)! That way, you can see your hair and makeup with your dress! This is also the time you want to start your at home whitening kits to get your pearly's ready for their big day. Lastly, bring the groom to be and yourself in for pedi's! You'll thank us for that one.

2 or 3 day before, get your wedding nails done by one of our amazing Service Providers! And make your Emergency Kit. Include things like tweezers, nail clippers, bobby pins, safety pins, Chapstick, etc. You can never be too prepared!

1 day before, wash and dry your hair! Day old hair is perfect for updo's. Your scalp creates just enough natural oils to hold your style all night long - which is what we want!

Day of, relax and unwind to enjoy your day knowing you have done all the preparations necessary to shine like the beautiful bride that you are! Congratulations from all of us at Zoi'A Spa & Salon! We are honored to be a part of the most memorable day of your life.

Here's a sneak peek of our spacious hair styling stations! FUN FACT: We are one of the largest salons in Janesville, Wisconsin and have plenty of space for larger bridal parties!

Talk soon!



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