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Salon Information

We want your visit with us to be enjoyable! Here are some of our Salon information we would like to share so you are in the know.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that "life happens" and we want to be compassionate about these situations when they do come up. This policy may never apply to you but with full transparency in mind, we’d like to remind our guests that when you completely miss a reservation, our talented professionals are not able to earn their anticipated salaries and this negatively impacts them. 

The following changes are effective February 16, 2023. 

- If you fail to reach out to us to let us know that you will not make your appointment we will consider this a 'MISSED RESERVATION'. 

-If you have more than (2) missed reservations in 6 months, we will automatically hold a 'Missed Reservation Fee' equaling 50% of the missed reservation. 

-This fee must be paid BEFORE you request a new reservation with your Service Provider. If there is a credit card on file with us, we will automatically process this 50% fee. If you request a new reservation online it will not be accepted until the fee has been paid. 

-Same Day Cancellations: In the event you will not make your reservation please contact us - NO FUSS, NO MUSS, we just appreciate knowing you won't make it. This allows us to reach out to other guests on our waitlist that might be able to fill a last minute reservation. 

- When you have reached more than (3) same day reschedules or last minute canceled reservations in a 6 month time frame, your service provider may choose to no longer accept your reservation requests. Please understand, this is not a personal reaction but rather a business decision. Your Service Provider may be able to recommend another Zoi'A Professional who has more availability to be flexible with your schedule changes. 

- Respect is a 2 way street... Are we respecting your time and business?  
If you feel that YOU have been inconvenienced by your Zoi’A Service Provider,  please contact management so we can review your reservation history and make this right with you. We appreciate you and if we have failed to follow our own guidelines more times than you feel is reasonable, we would like to know about it.   

Other Information

- Loyalty Points will still be earned 1 point for every $1 spent on products and services (clearance items not eligible). Effective 3/1/23 points can only be redeemed on (1) service upgrades or add on per visit. Your points will NOT expire as long as there is activity on your account every 6 months. 

- Children allowed by appointment only. Our guest services team is not able to monitor unsupervised children in the lobby. For everyones safety, children are not allowed to accompany you during your service.  

- Returned checks will be charged $35. If a check is returned, we must have a credit card on file to accept any further checks. 

- Please be respectful with your conversations while you are visiting our Salon & Spa Company. We want our space to be comfortable for all who chose us as their Beauty & Style Destination. 

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