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Zoi'A Spa & Salon Janesville Wi Work
Zoi'A Spa & Salon Janesville WI Work

Work, Learn & Play with Us

If you're in this industry to make people feel & look fantastic then we have the same mission!

That might also mean that we should meet to see if Zoi'A could be a part of your career path. Are you looking for a Spa & Salon family that encourages you and celebrates your accomplishments? Being part of a Performance Based Salon means that we all have professional goals and when you achieve them we ALL celebrate with you! Reach out to us today to learn more about our career opportunities. Still unsure? Keep reading!

Zoi'A Spa & Salon Janesville Wi Work

Interested in working with Guest Services?

If you value a family culture that is full of fun, positive energy, we might be the place for you! We are always accepting applications for Front Desk Associate's and Salon Assistants. If you're friendly and love making someone's day, let's chat! 

Our Associate Program

So you’ve graduated Cosmetology School - now what?! 


Do you want to be BETTER than you ever thought you could be? Consider applying for our Associate Program to get your "master's degree" in hair! This hands on program allows you to work side by side with a Stylist Educator & their guests a few days a week as well as taking your own Guests to give you a well rounded and in depth start to your career. This is the most seamless transition from cosmetology school to real world Stylist career.  


The Associate Program is generally 20-32 weeks and is customized to your current skill level & learning style. It will get you 100% ready to face all types of Guest situations that cosmetology school could never prepare you for.


Already in the industry for a few years but feel like you’re not getting where you want to be? If you have a willingness to learn you can apply for the Associate Program as well. Our Educators can assess your skill level and help you grow the habits and skills needed to get your career back on track.  This program is proven to develop incredible technical skills & confidence in our Stylist Team. If you’d like to meet to discuss our Associate Program further please contact us at or apply now!

Service Provider Benefits

Scheduling & Benefits

Our full time work week is 32 hours per week. We offer many employee benefits including: Level Pricing, IRA Match, Employee Elective Insurance, Vacation Pay, Education, Fully Staffed Front Desk Team, Online Booking, Discounts (Service & Products), Advertising, Supportive & Motivating Work Place with many Growth Incentives that make us the fastest growing Spa & Salon in Janesville

Our Continuing Education

If you’re in this industry and haven’t invested in your Education, you and your Guests are missing out. What do we mean by that?  


One of the things that probably attracted you to this industry is the creativity and the ability it has to make people feel good. You can make someone feel great with one technique for a little while, but to keep them truly happy & loyal to you, they will want to know you can help them look and feel amazing with new industry trends all the time. 


We have partnered with some of the industries best brands and because of our loyalty to them we are afforded many education opportunities for in house Education each year. We also strongly encourage every Service Provider to seek out what they feel they need or want to learn and make it happen. In many cases we offer full or partial reimbursement for outside education.


In addition, many of our Service Providers have found a passion for one particular brand or service that they have become an in-salon educator for us and they are happy to share their knowledge in small classes or one-on-one with another professional on our team. 


In addition to technical education we offer monthly business education, this includes social media which is HUGE right now. 

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