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Fall Into a New Skin Care Routine

As the Pumpkin Spice Latte's and warm sweaters make there way back, help your skin make the transition from hot and humid to cool and windy with our Esthetician backed tips!

As temps & humidity go down, the moisture barrier can get disrupted causing our skin to need a little more TLC with the cooler months. You may notice increased dryness, irritation and sensitivity as your skin's need for more moisture increases.

Read on to learn about our 5 skin care tips to help your skin through the treacherous Wisconsin cold months!

#1- Cleanser

This is the first step to any good skin care routine. But do you know why? Aside from cleaning your skin, cleansing removes build up, boosts hydration, and allows the products you use after to work their best! We love Fresh Cleansing Foam - this is a great

cleanser for all skin types and it smells phenomenal.

#2- Toner

This is truly the most important step - toning helps stop the cleanser from cleansing and preps the skin for the next step! Try our Invigorating Cleansing Lotion. It takes your cleansing a step further and prepares your skin by lowering the pH and preparing it for the next step.

#3- Eye Cream

Don't forget to give the thinnest skin on your body a little extra love and attention with our Global Solution Eye Cream! Hot Tip: Don't overuse this product - a little goes a long way! Apply half a pea size on your ring fingers and pat it on under your eyes moving from

the outside of each eye towards your nose.

#4- Moisturize!

Don't leave your skin wanting more - let's give it what it wants: MOISTURE! Our Hydra-Glow Fusion Cream is chocked full of good nutrients like Jania Rubens, which is naturally anti-aging. Aside from the amazing nutrients, this smells amazing.

#5- See Your Esthetician Regularly

Sometimes, we need a little professional help - let our team of licensed Esthetician's give your skin a little extra love and attention all while you get a little ME time in. Enjoy a Phyto-You Facial which uses our Phytocean skin care line and is completely customized for your skin. After, your Esthetician will give you tips and tricks to try at home as well as product recommendations customized for your skin.

All of the products mentioned above can be purchased at Zoi'A Spa and Salon in Janesville, WI! Short on time? Call our Front Desk team at 608-554-3101 to place an order on the phone. In between errands, park in front of the Salon, give us a quick call and we will bring it out to your car!

Ready to make your skin care reservation? Call our Front Desk team at 608-554-3101 or go online. We look forward to seeing you!



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