Men’s Lounge Facial

$32 $37
Guys… Ease into the Facial Experience with this masculine “Lounge Facial”. In this 20 min service we want our guys
to feel as comfortable as possible. Leave your shirt on, recline and relax on our adjusted massage tables, you’ll feel like your at home in your recliner! Your skin will be cleansed, toned, exfoliated and hydrated… Oh, and did we mention you’ll also enjoy a scalp and shoulder massage? *Ask about discount pricing wth your monthly haircuts…
$20 add on w/ a Haircut.

Men’s Signature Facial

$55 $60
60min- This facial will give you the experience that time stood still and when you awake your face will feel fantastic. Our skin expert will choose the appropriate cleanser, toner, exfoliation, mask and hydration for your skins specific needs. You also enjoy and shoulder, hand and arm massage while you mask.

Grooming Manicure

$23 $28
40min – Time to clip, shape and shine them up… We’ll keep the “girlie” stuff to a minimum, we’ll just take care of the essentials. Hand massage included.

Men’s Express Pedicure

$24 $29
30min- When you just need to be able to wear sandals for that last minute trip but don’t have time to get a full pedicure. We’ll take care of the basics while you sit back and enjoy the luxury massage chair.

Men’s Grooming Pedicure

$42 $47
50mins – When you need the “works” – toenails, callus smoothing and relaxing massage. This is your break from the world. Our Pedicure room is a 2 person retreat- so your secret love for pedicures is safe with us guys!

Lounge Facial & 30min Back Massage

$68 $73
55mins – Enjoy 2 services, a 20min Lounge Facial to get your skin in shape and a relaxing 30min Upper Body/Back Massage to help you relax from it all. Ladies this makes a great gift!

“Deep Clean Sports Facial”

$35 $40
30min- Similar to our Men’s Lounge Facial but we use products designed specifically to Detoxify/Purify skin that shows signs of excessive oil production and stress. If extractions are needed we suggest booking our OceaPure Purifying Facial for even a deeper layer of purification. If acne breakouts on back and shoulders are a problem consider adding a Back Facial to this Deep Clean Sports Facial.