Natural Nails

Classic Manicure

Starting at $26
45min Where it all began: Clip, File, Cuticle Maintenance, Hydrating Hand Massage & Polish of your choice.

Spa Manicure

Starting at $34
60min Enjoy the soothing scent of our Cuccio Milk & Honey Lyte Butter cocooned in Warm Paraffin Wax. Finish
with hand massage and polish color of your choice.

Express Manicure

Starting at $18
25min Finger Nails need a little more than just a polish change? We’ll shape them before applying your choice of 2 coats of nail polish. Great for kids- no cuticle or massage work.

Polish Change - Hands

Starting at $13

Shellac Manicure

The longest wearing natural nail color in the industry. Properly applied & cared for properly you can enjoy 10-14 days of chip & smudge free polish! The best part, when removed properly by a professional the natural nail integrity is preserved.

Shellac Manicure

Starting at $33

French Shellac Manicure

Starting at $39

Shellac Removal*

*Shellac Removal FREE If Original Service Was Applied At Zoi’A Within 3 Weeks.

Artificial Nail Services

ALL nail services at Zoi’A are hand filed, no drills will ever be used. We only use industry approved products (No MMA) to insure our clients safety. Please note that if you’re currently wearing product from another salon the process, timing and cost may vary greatly, we’re happy to offer you a free consultation before scheduling your first service appointment with us.

NEW to Zoi’A Spa & Salon are “Precise Nails”! European Salons have been using this Full Coverage Artificial Nail System for several years. Precise Nails offer a client a thin, natural looking nail enhancement that completely removes, without damage to natural nail, every 2-3weeks! Great for Special Occasions when you don’t want to be committed to 2 Week Filling process or the growing out or recovery phase of removing UV Gel or Acrylic nails. Try Precise Nails today!

Precise w/ Shellac Nail Color

Starting at $50

Nail Repair / Replacement

Starting at $60

UV Gel/Acrylic Removal Only+

Starting at $32

UV Gel/Acrylic Removal*
w/Restorative Manicure

Starting at $45

New! Precise Nails Full Set

Starting at $50

Precise Nail Re-Set 2-3weeks

Starting at $38
* These are starting prices due to the varying degree of difficulty in removal. If the product you’re currently wearing is filed using an electric file during the filling process the price will probably increase due to time it will take to remove since we ONLY hand file all nail services.

Nail Add Ons:

Paraffin To Any Nail Service


Hand Exfoliation


Nail Art (Simple 2 Nail)*

When time is available

No Charge
Additional Nail Art Charged By Time. Starting at $5+


Zoi’A Classic Pedicure

Starting at $36
55min You’ll be surprised by all the pampering this pedicure has to offer from a foot and leg exfoliation to a relaxing pedicure massage. We want OUR Pedicure to be what you compare all other Pedicures too… We do it right… the Zoi’A way!

Coconut Heel Remedy Pedicure

Starting at $44
75min This treatment focuses on the healthiest way to smooth dry and callused skin… NEVER cutting or “grating” it off. As with all of our Pedicures we take care of maintenance in addition to a Micro-Exfoliation to slough dry skin and then softening and hydrating the fresh skin with an Intense Coconut Heel Therapy and Coconut Body Butter for the entire leg and foot.

Bora Bora Spa Escape Pedicure

Starting at $73
90min Our Luxury Escape uses the finest body care from Phytoceane for an ultimate exfoliation and moisturizing. The warm scent of toasted vanilla orchid will transport you to Bora Bora for 90mins. Indulge in a relaxing soak while a warm neck wrap eases shoulder and neck tension. Your leg and foot will experience the ultimate in gentle, yet powerful exfoliation using sands from Bora Bora followed by the refreshing Bora Body Lotion. Service includes a complimentary chair massage for shoulders and back.

Express Pedicure

Starting at $26
30min Get down to business and get your toenails in check with this 30min Pedicure Service. Foot Soak, Nail Shaping, Cuticle Grooming & Nail Buffing. Your choice of nail color.

Polish Change Only - Feet

Starting at $17

Pedicure Add Ons:

Paraffin Wax

$12 $12

French Polish

$8 $8

Shellac Removal

$10 $10

Foot Reflexology (15min)

Starting at $28


Reflexology is a Massage Technique that looks at the feet as a “Road Map” of the body and by manipulating areas of the feet your technician will look for areas under the skin that feel congested. Each area of congestion correlates to an organ, joint, or system of the body that may not be working
optimally. Relaxation and riding the body of those toxins will create a sense of well being and renewal. Reflexology Treatments are done in our Relaxing Pedicure Chairs. You can also have Foot Reflexology Add On w/ a Full Body Massage. Please see the Spa /Massage page for those additional options.

30Min Reflexology Treatment

$31 $36
This treatment includes a relaxing foot soak, foot & leg exfoliation and reflexology massage.

60Min Reflexology Treatment

$51 $61
This treatment includes a relaxing foot soak, foot & leg exfoliation, reflexology massage and a complimentary neck, shoulder and scalp massage.