Bikini Line Waxing
Starting at $28
Full Bikini Wax
Starting at $39
French Bikini Wax
Starting at $48
Brazilian Bikini Wax
Starting at $55
Full Leg
Starting at $68
Half Leg
Starting at $45
Full Arm
Starting at $42
Half Arm
Starting at $25
Under Arm
Starting at $28
Full Back
Starting at $60
Partial Back(upper or lower)
Starting at $45
Starting at $45
Additional Charge for Trimming


Series of 10
Eyebrow Shaping Wax
Starting at $13
Starting at $110
Starting at $24
Starting at $205
Brow w/Lip or Chin - "Pick 2"
Starting at $18
Starting at $158
Facial Areas
Starting at $40
Starting at $372
*Series Services expire 12 months from date of purchase. Final Quote for Series of Services Will be Agreed on After the First Treatment.

Please note that to achieve the best waxing results possible hair length is important. 1/4” (aprox. the size of a grain of rice). If you have questions about waxing services please contact us for a consultation trust us, we’ve heard everything. Please ask before scheduling to avoid a last minute cancellation charge.

Please advise your service provider of ANY Medications or Sensitivities before a waxing service. We can not be responsible for conditions we know nothing about. Series of 10 Waxes expire 12 months after date of purchase and can NOT be transferred to any other client.


If you’ve had your fun with Eyelash Extensions and you’d like to have them removed, here are your options: Within 30 days of application here at Zoi’A we will remove them for $10. If you had your lashes applied elsewhere and would like us to remove them the charge will be $30 for a 30 min appointment. We can not guarantee that the adhesive remover we use will dissolve all lash extension adhesive and will not be responsible for any lash damage during or after removal. *Series Of Lash Packages expire 6 months from purchase date.

Waiver Required for all Eyelash Extension Services.

Series of 6
Full Set of Lash Extensions
Starting at $134
Lash Fill (2-3 weeks)
Starting at $74
TBD after 1st Treatment
Lash Touch Up (weekly)
20min appointment only
Starting at $41
TBD after 1st Treatment
Lash Extension Removal
Starting at $25
Lash & Brow Tint
Starting at $47
Lash Tint
Starting at $27
Brow Tint
Starting at $27
Ellebana Lash Lift & Tint
Want to create the illusion of length on your lashes without the maintenance of Lash Extensions? Try a Lash Lift for your natural lashes. Essentially a perm for your lashes. You’ll enjoy 6-8wks of curled lashes with almost no home maintenance. We include a complimentary Lash Tint (several tones) with all of our Lash Lifts
Starting at $134