Recipes for Beautiful Skin

It’s great to come into the salon and get pampered, but we know during these colder months, and especially with increased risk of cold/flu/covid, sometimes it’s great to pamper yourself at home.

From leave-in conditioners, to face masks, to fingernail treatments, to foot baths, we’ve got you covered LITERALLY from head to toe!  Here are some of our favorite recipes for home-made spa treatments.

Banana Face Pack Recipes – Great for infusing moisture and nutrition into delicate skin cells on your face and next.  You can use these recipes on the backs of your hands as well!

Peppermint Foot Scrub – Especially during these brutal winter months, the skin on your feet is prone to drying and cracking, creating potential health issues.  Go ahead and enjoy a nice foot soak at home, applying this peppermint foot scrub liberally!

Brighten Your Eye Area – Here is a great recipe consisting of witch hazel and aloe that can help reduce dark circles under your eyes.  Brightening your eye area helps keep you looking young, fresh, and ready for any challenge!

Infuse Moisture into Dry Hair – This recipe uses Coconut Oil and Orange Essential Oil to create a nourishing and moisturizing leave-in or detangled for your hair.

Keep Nails from Cracking – Combine Jojoba oil with Lemon or Lavender Essential oil to help strengthen nails and prevent them from cracking during these dry winter months.

Healthy Hand Treatments – Oatmeal is so good for skin and is in so many recipes for DIY skin care.  This recipe is no exception.  This is a fantastic, nourishing treatment to help you keep your hands soft and healthy despite exposure to the extremes of cold and dry air.

Give the Hair and Nail pros at Zoi’a Spa Salon a call today to set up your appointment to keep your hair and nails healthy during the winter.  But, in the meantime, we hope you enjoy these at-home DIY skin and hair care recipes that can help you feel pampered without leaving the house.