At Home Hair Cuts During COVID-19

Ladies, we know you’re getting anxious about your hair, and the temptation to attempt an at-home haircut to tide you over may begin to be overwhelming.  We’re working everyone back into the schedule as rapidly as possible, but in the meantime, here are a few tips if you absolutely cannot resist the urge to trim your own hair.

We’re Open!

Tip 1:  Don’t do it… if you can hang in there just a little bit longer, we will work you in!  You’re probably going to experience more anxiety doing your own ends than if you just wait, take a deep breath, and let your professional stylist tackle the beast!

Tip 2:  Do TINY trims as near to the ends as possible.  Taking off LESS is much safer than taking off too much.  Smaller snips on the ends will allow you to get rid of the damage while still leaving enough length for your stylist when you do get back in the chair.

Tip 3:  SMALL SECTIONS… we know this will take time and effort, but working in smaller sections minimizes risk that if you do take too much off, it’s only on a few strands and not a huge chunk of hair.

Tip 4:  FEEL your way to the end of the strands.  Where you feel the “bulkiness” or texture change, that’s where the damage begins.  Cut as near to the damage as possible so that you don’t take off more than is necessary to maintain the smooth, healthy look you desire.


We’re here to help you!!  Stay in touch with your stylist.  Book on Vagaro. Follow us on Facebook. we promise we will get everyone back in asap!  In the meantime, stay safe and remain calm!