Sulfate Free Shampoo Retains Color and Moisture

For many years most of us have been hearing about the damage sulfates can cause to hair and skin. This is because of the extreme ability of sulfates to “stick” to both oil and water.  While sulfates in shampoo provide superior cleansing for hair and scalp, for some people they work TOO well, meaning they strip the good natural oils as well as the dirt and pollution build-up in hair and scalp.  The upside of sulfates is they provide that luxurious lather we all love during our hot shower, but the downside is their extreme ability to cling to all other molecules can cause irritation, redness, itchy scalp and skin, and even (in extreme cases) contribute to dandruff.

Never fear, there are solutions!  People with color-treated, curly, thick, dry, or frizzy hair (or any combination of these) have options for great sulfate-free shampoos that will cleanse while helping retain the natural oils, smooth curls, and color you love.

If you’ve got color but no curl, try Seaweed Mild Marine Shampoo from Bumble and Bumble.  Formulated with Seaweed Extract, Sea Kelp Extract, and naturally-occurring Blue-Green Algae Extract, this combination provides gentle cleansing while the high iodine and mineral content help reduce static charge and increase elasticity.

Curl Shampoo is great for curls, but can actually be used for any hair that’s damaged and/or in need of a rich moisturizing treatment. Formulated with a blend of exotic Brazilian oil and other humectants, this shampoo is great for “thirsty” hair and will provide each curl with the weight and smoothness to fall and bounce fabulously.

BB Gentle is great if your color-treated hair needs moisture.  It will provide a creamy cleanse without fading!

Visit your stylist at Zoi’a Spa Salon today to get the best recommendation for your particular needs.  We have the expertise and high-quality products that will keep your hair looking amazing.