Use a Round Brush for a Flawless Blowout

Do you want that freshly-blown out salon look at home?  You CAN do it!

Here are some tips, but if you want expert tutoring, come in and let us help you!

Use a round brush. Why? Because that lets you create the tension you need, and work with the sections of hair a little at a time.

The first step is to treat damp hair.  If you have very fine or thin hair add a little bit of mousse (what?? Yes, Mousse!) starting at the roots and working about an inch or two out to give your hair volume.  Next you’ll want to apply a thermal protectant (we have a great selection in the salon for all hair types) from mid-shaft to the tips.

Work in small sections.  Pin the top of your hair up out of the way, and start working the sides in 2 to 3 inch sections from the front and working towards the back of your head.  If your hair is shoulder length or shorter, wrap your hair around the brush, placing the hair dryer above and below for a few seconds before releasing the hair.  Then use your wrist to brush the hair out, putting heat above and below.  Use the brush to give the ends a rounded look.

Twist the hair out for a feathered look.  This is especially great for layered hair.  You want to actually twist your wrist to release the hair from the brush once it’s dry.  (Don’t roll it out.)

Blow the roots forward for volume on the top.  For the sections of hair where you want additional volume, like the front and the top, pulling the hair forward and blowing from underneath will really help give a boost.

Finish with cooler air.  Once hair is dry, reduce the heat and just give your hair a little bit of a windswept look by finishing and softening the look with cooler air.

We’re here to help you look your best EVERY DAY, so if you want help learning how to keep your hair looking salon-fresh every day, we can help you!