Spa Services for Improved Mental Health

Spa services incorporated into your weekly or monthly routine can help improve your mental health.  Just like working out and drinking plenty of water, massage, reflexology and heat treatments can help release toxins from your body, and stimulate positive dopamine chemistry in your brain.

Too many people feel stressed, depressed and over tired.  It’s almost an epidemic in our culture, but studies have shown that people who get massage or reflexology regularly have an overall more positive attitude about their lives.  Most people see spa services as a treat or something to do on vacation, but those who utilize spa services on a regular basis find that it makes a huge difference in their ability to cope with everyday stress.

Massage releases muscle tension physically, but recently, a Canadian research team found that it also actually facilitates the reduction of cellular inflammation in muscles.

Reflexology has been proven to help reduce headaches, maintain digestive regularity, and even release natural pain-relieving chemicals in our brain.

The treatment room provides a comfortable and relaxing space which is quiet and removes the stress and distractions of cell phones, chatter, and unpleasant odors.  It’s the perfect setting to think and resolve complex issues we all face in our daily lives.

In addition to providing fantastic hair and nail services, Zoi’a Spa Salon offers spa services that can help you feel your best and manage the stress of everyday life with ease.  Book your spa services now!