Why We Recommend Opalex

The first step to healthier curly hair is rebuilding disulfide bonds at the molecular level.  This is important because disulfide bonds are essential to keeping keratin protein “stitched” together, creating visibly smoother, stronger hair.

Disulphide bonds are the strongest bonds holding keratin together, and therefore create curl.  The stronger the disulphide bonds, the healthier the curl.  We trust Opalex 1 and 2 to restore and strengthen hair that has been broken down by chemical processes like perming and coloring.

Treatment 3 can be done at home and will help prevent split ends and frizz.  We love it because it works on wet, damp or dry hair and is cruelty free!

If you’re tired of frizzy hair and split ends, come in and meet with one of our stylists about Opalex line of smoothing treatments and we will help you achieve the smooth soft curls you’re looking for!