Emergency Fixes for a Bad Haircut

Did you have a terrible experience at a hair salon?  Zoi’a Spa Salon can help you!  Our expert stylists can help you manage your way through a bad cut, even if it was short.  Here are some tips for managing a bad cut while growing it back out.

Try different products.  If you’re not used to styling shorter hair, maybe turn your lemons into lemonade and try experimenting with new products.  Come in and see one of our expert stylists and we can evaluate the texture and health of your hair, and recommend products that will help you style and manage your look until you get some length back.

Go for some color!  If you’re stuck with a new hair length that you did not intend, why not go for a whole new look and try highlights or some color.  Depending on your skin tone and lifestyle, this may be something that you end up really liking!  Our colorists are EXPERT at recommending tints and shades that suit every age and personality.  Let us help you!

Learn from the experience.  This is terrible advice to hear during an emotional crisis, but it’s true.  Sometimes mistakes are made, (not by our stylists!) but as our grandmothers have always told us, “this too shall pass,” and life WILL go on!  Learn from the experience, negative though it may be, and move forward into a bold new look.  Be prepared to next time with pictures, ideas, and past experiences, and don’t hesitate to talk to your stylist BEFORE the cut to make sure you’re both on the same page.

Schedule a consultation.  If you’re meeting with a new stylist at a new salon, or if you’re looking to go for a whole new look, it’s a good idea to ALWAYS SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION appointment that is before the hair appointment.  That way, there’s time to communicate, gather input, and then think about options and regroup before any locks fall.  We’re always here to make your look your best!  At Zoi’a Spa Salon, beauty is ALL WE DO!  We WILL HELP YOU!  Contact us today!