Lash Lift and Tint

Lash lift and tint can add that little bit of pop to your look by subtly drawing attention to your eyes.  After a lash lift and tint, the eyelashes look fuller and longer, making your eyes appear younger, brighter, and larger.  If you’re looking to enhance your beauty in a natural way, a lash lift and tint is for you!

The process typically takes about 45 minutes (depending on coarseness of your lashes), and is similar in principal to a perm.  Essentially, the eyelashes are isolated and processed to break down the natural pattern of disulfide bonds of the hair, curling the lashes around a rod, and then re-establishing the disulfide bonds in a more pronounced, more consistent curl pattern.  The effect can last from 60 to 120 days.  As the treated lashes fall out and are replaced by new strands, the lash lift can be repeated once a majority of the strands are untreated (new).

If your lashes are a naturally seductive length, a lash lift is perfect.  If you’ve got shorter lashes, a lash lift will help open the look of your eyes, but lash extensions may be recommended if you’re going for a dramatic change.  Call us if you have questions on whether a lash lift or extensions are the right solution for you. 608-299-9161

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