The Importance of a Color Consultation

Going Blonde Janesville Beloit

Scared to color?  Don’t be!  Avoid going from golden to straw-yellow, brunette to brassy, or chunky when you wanted a more natural look.  The simple way to avoid these issues is to set aside some time to meet with a color consultant BEFORE you decide to pull the trigger.

We provide a free 15 minute consultation, when requested, to help you determine all the important details with regard to color, highlights or tints.  Helping you avoid disaster is what we’re here for.

It’s especially important for those who have never made a drastic change before, or for those who have never colored or highlighted before.  Just like a personal shopper, our hair stylists are versed in all the latest trends, techniques, and styles, and can help you determine the look that suits your skin-type and lifestyle.

There are a couple of fun websites that let you make some decisions from the comfort of your own home.  Garnier and L’Oreal sites both have an online “quiz” to help you determine what color options you might like.

Our stylists will also evaluate your hair type as this will play a role in what types of coloring products will be safe to use, and which hair-care products will be necessary to maintain your hair color and health.

Bring pictures!  This is your time to express yourself, get ideas from your stylist, and develop clear communication about the look you’re going for!

A color consultation with one of our experienced, professional stylists is time well spent!  We’ll make sure you’re happy with your new look, and help you feel comfortable and confident with your new color.