Beach Hair for Him

Looking laid back and easygoing is trending now among men, even in professional settings and in the work place.  So here’s how to get that “beach hair” look without looking like you’re trying too hard.

First and foremost, the “look” is accomplished when hair has a windblown and loose feel (so we’re assuming you’ve got some length), but still has some “weight” as if exposed to the salty air of the coast.  However, using heavy product (like pomade or gel) for this look won’t work because it won’t allow for the windblown effect.

Start with a light shampoo.  Bumble & Bumble has a “surf foam wash” that can help create this look, and they recommend following it by applying their “surf spray” and running your hands through your hair a few times to achieve a windblown look.

Allow for some buildup of the natural oils in your hair.  If you’ve got thin hair, it’s okay to skip shampooing every other day or so.  For those with thicker oily hair, using a very light shampoo will help retain some of the natural oil.

Towel dry your hair and blow dry upward.  If you’re hair still looks too “limp” for supposedly having been at the beach all day, apply a salt spray or a thickening spray to help provide some weight.

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