Protect Hair from UV Rays

We’re all either dreaming or planning to get to the beach – or at least somewhere warm and sunny.  Go for it!  Sunglasses and sunscreen are in the beach bag ready to go, but as you pack for your great escape, don’t forget to plan on protecting your hair from harmful UV rays.

  1. Wear a hat.  Even if you’re a ball-cap kinda girl, invest in a floppy sun hat with a UV rating that will cover your hair as opposed to just your face.  If you are only wearing a ball cap, do your best to tuck long lucks up and away from the sun.
  2. Apply sunscreen to your hair?  YES! YOU CAN! Dilute 2 tsp of sunblock into 1c of water and shake it up in a spray bottle.  Spray it on liberally when you arrive at the beach, the waterpark, or the amusement park.  If your hair gets wet, reapply once hair is dry again.
  3. Use a leave-in conditioner with SPF.  Hair exposed to the sun and salt air is protected under a leave-in with SPF.  In addition to minimizing damage from UV exposure, a leave-in conditioner protects strands from the drying effect of the heat and salt air.
  4. Don’t try to “sun-in” on your own!  Using products like peroxide, alcohol or lemon juice will dry your hair out and cause damage.  If you’re looking for beachy tones, come see our colorists for subtle or dramatic highlights that will compliment your summer fun.

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