Pomade Paste and Clay – The Right Product for Him

We’ve got the right product for the guy in your life.

The terms “pomade,” “paste” and “clay” are often used loosely to describe product for men, but all differ in the results of use.  We’re breaking it down for you … (and him).

Pomades provide firm direction, stiff hold, and high shine.  The light will literally reflect off hair when pomade is applied, and even in a strong gust of wind hair will hold its style.  Pomade will not flake or feel “stiff” or “crunch” like a gel will.

Paste provides texture, and is good for a “messy” look.  Fingers move freely through hair with paste applied, and hair retains a dry, natural, matte finish (no added shine).

Clay provides more hold than paste, but without the high-gloss shine of pomade.  Clay is perfect for the guy looking to have some control over style (like short spikes), without the stiff, heavy hold of pomade.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for him, think about the look he’s going for and help him out with the product that will get him there!

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