Spa Services for Men

Spa services for Men. Facials, Massage, Manicures.

Not Just For Women – Men Benefit From Spa Treatments Too

Even a decade ago, some men would have considered a visit to a spa an affront to their masculinity.  But now, even “manly” men are finding out they’ve been missing out on the many benefits of incorporating massage, facials, and even manicures into their monthly routines. In recent years the statistics of men utilizing spa services has skyrocketed.  A recent article in American Spa offers stats showing that men are actually outspending women in spa treatments!

While a woman typically might like to indulge in a spa as an all day escape, usually men come in preferring more of a military approach.  Haircut – Check. ManiPedi – check check!  And then it’s back to surgery, sales, or sailing.  Men whose professions keep them on their feet all day are experiencing the amazing benefits of a good pedicure with improved circulation and relaxation of tired arches.  A facial is girlie no longer!  Many men working in white-collar settings trust professionals for facials to look their best.   Scalp and back massages?  Sign them up!   In the present day with so much focus on health and wellness, spa services are being recognized as a health benefit, especially massage for men who work in labor such as firefighters, plumbers, construction workers, longshoremen, etc.

Our spa services for gentlemen are a perfect gift for that hard-working guy in your life, or as a boost to their self-esteem just before an important work meeting or a personal event in their life such as a wedding.  Men may not express it as frequently as women, but they do want to look their best.

In days gone by, there was a time when most men never would have considered walking into a spa.  Thank goodness times have changed!  Click to call and book services for him today!

Click to call and book services for him today!