Going Blonde

Going Blonde Janesville Beloit

It’s a new year, is it a new you?  Are you looking to go blonde this year?  Of course our amazing stylists can get you there, but going blonde is a process.  If you want to be blonde by Summer, get into Zoi’a Spa Salon and let us help you start the process so that you’re ready to go come June.

Should you go blonde?  Of course you SHOULD, but not everyone can (or wants to) go platinum.  So the first step in the process is to get with your stylist and determine what shade of blonde is right for you.  If you’re a cooler skin tone, a non-brassy blonde will look amazing, but if you’re a warmer skin tone you’ll need those little golden and red highlights to really pop.   Your Zoi’a Spa Stylist can help you decide the exact tone and shade, but “ash with cool” and “gold with warm” is a good rule of thumb.

Natural or Dramatic?  If you’re really looking to go the natural route, starting with baby lights or ombre NOW is a perfect way to begin to transition from brunette to blonde in time for summer.  We can begin with these subtle highlighting techniques that look natural even as they grow out, and continue your transition to blonde until Summer.  If you’re looking for dramatic results, a good time frame is 3 months of double-process treatments to get you there, depending on your current shade and your desired outcome.

What DON’T you want? Depending on your age, lifestyle, skin tone, and the amount of maintenance you want to commit to, we can help you decide which type of blonde is right for you.  There are innumerable shades of blonde, and various levels of highlighting, so look at as many images on Instagram, Pinterest and the Internet as you can find.  Sharing images of looks that you like with your stylist will help, but also show (if you can) clear examples of what you DON’T want.  This will help eliminate options right out of the gate, making your color consultation much smoother.

We’re here and ready to help.  Just give us a call at 608-299-9161 or book online  today!