Cuticle Care – Safely and Properly

Caring for your cuticles properly and safely prevents infection.

Caring for your cuticles is important, especially during the winter months.

Hands are constantly exposed to the changing climates of cold, dry air that sucks the moisture right from your skin, to warm dry environments, additionally drying out and taxing skin cells.

Our cuticles are especially susceptible to this, and that’s why properly caring for your cuticles in a safe manner is so important.

Cuticles serve as a barrier over the “nail matrix,” protecting our body from the intrusion of bacteria and dirt particulates as our nails grow out.  Keeping them healthy, free of infection, moisturized, and clean is very important.

Best Practices for Healthy Cuticles:

  • Start with a good soak.  Warm water and an essential oil of your choice or just facial soap is the perfect bath for your cuticles to soften and clean them before you begin working on them.
  • Use an Orange Stick.  Push back the cuticles rather than cut them.  Cutting them can lead to breaks in the “barrier” formed by the cuticle layer and lead to infection.  Pushing them back and then gently rubbing the nail with the orange stick in a circular motion will remove all dead an excess cuticle layer from the nail.
  • Dissolve using product.  Instead of shaving off the entire cuticle, it’s important to avoid cutting as much as possible.  Keep the healthy cuticle layer intact by using a dissolving product to remove the dead cuticle cells.
  • No nail clippers.  It’s worth the investment from the local beauty shop or the grocery store to get the proper tools.  The cuticle layer is essential to nail health, and protection from bacteria, so using the right tools to remove dead cuticle cells keeps your hands safe.
  • Protect and moisturize. Use the same moisturizer you would use on your face to moisturize your cuticles.  Cuticle cells are essentially skin cells and are prone to drying out as much as any other part of your skin.  Wear gloves when washing dishes to keep the natural oils produced by your skin on your cuticles, and always wear gloves outdoors during the cold months to help prevent skin from drying out.


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