The Effect of Cold Weather on Your Hair

Protect your hair from winter damage.

Static and dry ends – we are NOT looking forward to the damage our hair incurs as it is exposed to frigid dry air, and warm, dry environments repeatedly.

What in the world is happening?  Well, for a start, the reason almost everyone experiences “static” hair is due to the alternating of the temperature changes, and the drying effect this has on our hair.  As we are out in the frigid wind, the moisture is leeched out of hair cuticles when the cold temperatures cause cuticles to lift.  When we enter a warm environment, the moisture in our hair is released due to the hair strands not lying flat as they normally do.  This creates the perfect condition for “static” hair.

Additionally, our strands become more unruly, coarse and split ends begin to develop more frequently.  So what can you do to ensure your hair is looking great for every event from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day?

Protect your hair from winter damage.

Protect your hair from winter damage.

  1. Keep your hair appointments. Schedule them in advance, and make sure you are coming in and meeting with your stylist every 6 weeks or so, especially throughout these frigid months.  Not only will your ends stay trimmed to help reduce splitting, but your stylist will help identify any potential problems and offer solutions.
  2. Wear a hat and scarf as much as possible, keeping all hair covered.  Wind will not only cause tangling, but will exacerbate the drying effect of the frigid air when individual strands are exposed.
  3. Use a quality leave-in conditioner.  You may not need one year-round, especially if your hair is not prone to drying out, but almost everyone can benefit from treating your hair to intensive conditioning a couple times a week throughout the winter.  You will not realize your hair is losing moisture, but applying good leave-in conditioner can help mitigate any cosmetic effects of dry hair.
  4. Schedule a Blow Out.  Infusing moisture back into your hair strands, and smoothing out and closing those cuticles is the best remedy for preventing winter damage.
  5. Dryer Sheet?  YES!  You CAN use a dryer sheet on your (dry) hair after you enter a building, when you get home from work, and before bed.  They remove static from your clothes, but they will remove static from your hair as well.  Just rub gently down strands as if you were wiping damp hair.

We’re here for you!  If you need solutions to keep your hair healthy, and you want to look great for every winter occasion, call and set your appointment today! 608-299-9161

Protect Your Hair from Winter Damage
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Protect Your Hair from Winter Damage
Static and Split Ends are a nightmare, especially with holiday events approaching. Zoi'a Spa Stylists want you to look great all winter. Here are some tips to protect your hair!
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