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Hair Extenstions are for Everyone!

Hair extensions are for everyone! No matter the occasion or the reason, anyone and everyone can have fun and look great with hair extensions.  If you missed our recent hair extensions event, here’s a bit of information to bring you up to speed on what you’re missing out on if you haven’t tried it yet!

There are two different types of hair extensions, synthetic and real.  This distinction is obviously described by the terms, but let’s drill down into some details.  Remy Human Hair is exactly that.  Human hair.  It is guaranteed to have all cuticles in tact and running in the same direction at the time of collection, so it is smooth, silky, and essentially tangle-free.  Synthetic hair is made to look and feel exactly like human hair, but it is composed of very fine, smooth plastic.  Some people state that synthetic hair doesn’t “fall” or perform exactly like human hair because the plastic fibers are not as fluid as human hair.  Also, the plastic fibers cannot be styled or exposed to heat at all, so plastic extensions must be worn as-is.  Human hair extensions, however, can be styled and withstand some UV, so your choice between real or synthetic just depends on how often and in what setting you’re looking to show off your hair extensions.

Hair Extenstions are for Everyone!

Hair Extenstions are for Everyone!

But there’s more to choosing the right hair extension just based on its composition.  Once you know whether you prefer human or synthetic, you should consider your lifestyle.  Human hair extensions are pricy, but blend more naturally with your own hair, and can be styled, washed and maintained just like your natural hair.  Synthetic extensions are not as expensive.  So if you’re looking for something just fun for an special occasion a couple times a year, a costume party, halloween, wedding, etc., synthetic will probably do.  If, on the other hand, you’re looking to wow potential new clients, look great at the office for those big presentations, celebrate a promotion to a new job, or for some other reason want extensions as a more permanent style, human hair extensions are probably a better choice.  They can be styled more naturally, and will make you look fantastic!

How busy are you? If you’re looking to wear your hair extensions a couple times a week, but want the freedom to mix it up a bit, clip-ins are for you.  These can be easily managed at home, and take just a few minutes.  Tape-In hair extensions are done here at the salon, and combine the extensions with your natural hair.  Tape-Ins take about 40 minutes on average.

So, what are you waiting for?  With so many fun and convenient options, and enough choices to fit every budget and lifestyle, stop in at Zoi’a Spa and you will leave looking and feeling amazing! Call now 608-299-9161 to schedule an appointment.

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